Hydrogen Storage System Engineeering and Applications: Applied Materials Development II

Tuesday, November 9, 2010: 12:30 PM
Alta Room (Marriott Downtown)

Recent advances in physical storage, chemical hydrides, metal hydrides, adsorbent materials and hybridized combinations of these technologies have led to the identification of a number of hydrogen storage system concepts and prototypes. Applied materials development efforts concerning media structuring, evaluation, and/or optimization efforts for applications ranging from large stationary systems, to mid-size transportable systems, to small portable systems as well as delivery and dispensing are of interest with the goal of bringing together engineers from the chemical, mechanical and materials fields.

Topical 8: Hydrogen Production and Storage

Martin Dornheim
Email: martin.dornheim@gkss.de

YoungWhan Cho
Email: oze@kist.re.kr

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File available
1:51 PM
(283d) Dynamic Modeling and Simulation of Ammonia Borane Hydrogen Storage Systems
Ewa Ronnebro, Maruthi Devarakonda, Kriston Brooks, Scot Rassat and Darrell Herling

File available
2:14 PM
(283e) Hydrogen Generated From Hydrolysis of Ammonia Borane Using Cobalt and Ruthenium Based Catalysts
Cheng-Hong Liu, Yi-Chun Wu, Bing-Hung Chen, Chan-Li Hsueh, Jie-Ren Ku and Fanghei Tsau

File available
2:37 PM
(283f) Hydrogen Liberated by Sodium Borohydride Hydrolysis: Kinetics and Material Properties in the Limited Water Regime
Lin Yu, Amy M. Beaird, Ping Li, Karl Johnson, Rajasree Retnamma and Michael A. Matthews
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