Sustainable Diesel Fuel From Renewable Resources

Tuesday, November 9, 2010: 12:30 PM
251 E Room (Salt Palace Convention Center)

Bio-derived diesel fuel can be obtained from a variey of sources. This session will focus on the production of diesel fuel from renewable sources, with emphasis on process design associated with resource conversion into useful products.

Sustainable Energy
Alternate Fuels and New Technology (16D), Research and New Technology Committee (18j)

Jason E. Bara

Ralph W. Pike

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12:30 PM
(305a) Production of High Quality Biodiesel Fuel From Waste Cooking Oil Using Anion-Exchange Resin Catalyst
Naomi Shibasaki-Kitakawa, Takahiro Tsuji, Masaki Kubo and Toshikuni Yonemoto

12:50 PM
(305b) Electrochemical Conversion of Fatty Acids to Produce Green Diesel
Charles J. Coronella, Cody Wagner and Rainer Busch

1:30 PM
(305d) Disruption of Microalgal Cells for Biodiesel Production
Ronald Halim, Michael Danquah and Paul Webley

File available
2:10 PM
(305f) High-Pressure Viscosity of Soybean, Canola and Coconut Biodiesel
Andrew M. Duncan, Azita Ahosseini, Reece McHenry, Christopher D. Depcik, Susan M. Stagg-Williams and Aaron M. Scurto

2:30 PM
(305g) Activated Sludge Oil: Identification and Characterization of Components
Patrisha J. Pham, Rafael Hernandez, Emmanuel D. Revellame and William T. French
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