Biomass and Biorenewables Processing Under Pressure

Thursday, November 11, 2010: 3:15 PM
Alpine Ballroom East (Hilton)

Biomass, Biorenewables, and Biofuels Processing Under Pressure

High Pressure
Sustainable Biorefineries (23B)

Jerry W. King

Michael J. Antal Jr.

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3:15 PM
(679a) Effect of Acetic Acid and LiCl On Wet Torrefaction of Lignocellulosic Biomass
Joan G. Lynam, Wei Yan, Mohammad Reza, Charles J. Coronella and Victor R. Vasquez

3:31 PM
(679b) Catalytic Hydrothermal Gasification of Algae
D.C. Elliott, Gary C. Neuenschwander, L.J. Rotness, Todd R. Hart and Corinne Valkenberg

File available
3:47 PM
(679c) Effects of a Nickel Reactor Liner and Varying Water to Glycerin Molar Ratio During Supercritical Water Reformation of Glycerin
Michael S. Stever, Jason W. Picou, Jared S. Bouquet, Sunggyu Lee, Byung Gwon Lee and Tae-Hoon Lim

4:03 PM

4:19 PM
(679e) In-Situ Biodiesel Production From Microbial Lipids Using Supercritical Methanol
Rafael Hernandez, Mark White, William French, Adebola Coker and Alexei V. Iretski

4:35 PM
(679f) Separation and Purification of Xylose Oligomers Using Fast Centrifugal Partition Chromatography
Ching-Shuan Lau, Kris A. Bunnell, Edgar C. Clausen, Gregory J. Thoma, Jackson O. Lay, Jennifer Gidden and Danielle Julie Carrier

File available
4:51 PM
(679g) Direct Conversion of Wet Algal Biomass Under Supercritical Methanol Conditions
Prafulla Patil, Veera Gude, Aravind Mannarswamy, Shuguang Deng, Peter Cooke, Stuart Munson-McGee, Pete Lammers, Isaac Rhodes and Nagamany Nirmalakhandan

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