Poster Session of CRE Division

Wednesday, November 10, 2010: 6:00 PM
Hall 1 (Salt Palace Convention Center)

This is the Poster Session of CRE Division. All papers in catalysis and reaction engineering are invited. An award is given annually to the best paper in each of the catalysis and reaction engineering areasm (see the CRE web site for details).

Catalysis and Reaction Engineering Division

John R. Kitchin

Paul J. Dauenhauer

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(570a) Bioleaching of Nickel From Spent Catalyst Using Acidophilic Bacteria
Bina Singh, Priyangshu M. Sarma, Ajoy K. Mandal and Banwari Lal

(570aa) Hydrogen Production of Aqueous Phase Reforming From Glycerol
Gwansu Shin, Jiyeon Kim, Dhanapalan Karthikeyan, Dong-Ju Moon, Jong-Ho Kim, Nam Cook Park and Young Chul Kim

(570ac) Influence of Niobium Precursor and Calcination Temperature On the Dehydration of Glycerol
Young Yi Lee, Young Chul Kim, Nam Cook Park, Jong Ho Kim, Dong Ju Moon and Jae soon Shin

(570ad) Development of An Acidity Scale for Brřnsted Acidic Ionic Liquids
Rajeev Davuluru, Kevin N. West and James H. Davis

(570af) Steam Reforming of n-Hexadecane Over Nickel Xerogel Catalysts
Vidya Sagar Guggilla, Jale F. Akyurtlu and Ates Akyurtlu

(570aj) Hydroformylation by Using Rhodium Tethered On Selectively Functionalized Silica and High-Pressure IR Study
Jong Ki Jeon, Ki Chang Song, Jung A. Bae, Jin-Heong Yim, Young Soo Ko and Young-Kwon Park

(570ap) Simulation of An Advanced Fischer-Tropsch Reactor Technology
Natalie Hamad, Sally S Nicola, Elfatih E. Elmalik, Aswani Mogalicherla, Fadwa T. Eljack and Nimir O. Elbashir

(570ar) Active Species in Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube (SWNT) Synthesis From Silica-Supported Cobalt Catalysts
Nan Li, Xiaoming Wang, Salim Derrouiche, Gary L. Haller and Lisa D. Pfefferle

(570c) Green, One-Pot Synthesis for Preparation of TiO2 Supports
Rebecca E. Olsen, Stacey J. Smith, Baiyu Huang, Calvin H. Bartholomew, Julia Boerio-Goates and Brian F. Woodfield

(570k) Hydrogen Generation From Acetic Acid and Ammonia Using Pd-Based Membrane Reactors
Alejandrina Campanella, Sameer H. Israni and Michael P. Harold

File available
(570m) Non-Steady-State Catalyst Characterization with Thin Zone TAP Experiments
Evgeniy Redekop, Gregory S. Yablonsky, Denis Constales, Xiaolin Zheng, Gabriel Veith and John T. Gleaves

File available
(570n) Acidic Catalysts From Activated Carbon to n-Pentane Isomerization
Alberto Hernandez-Zapien, Yolanda Pliego-Bravo, Guillermo Sandoval-Robles and Ricardo Garcia- Alamilla

File available
(570p) A Model for the Prediction of Coke Deposition During Thermal Cracking of Ethane/Propane Mixtures
Astrid Yuliana Ramírez Hernández, Alejandro Molina Ochoa and Luis Oswaldo Almanza Sr.

(570w) Catalytic Study of Template-Ion Exchanged Ni/MCM-41 as Used for the Direct Transformation of Ethene Into Propene
Tino Lehmann, Tanya Wolff, Christof Hamel, Volker M. Zahn and Andreas Seidel-Morgenstern

File available
(570x) Epoxidation of Hexafluoropropylene
David Lokhat, Maciej Starzak and Deresh Ramjugernath

(570y) Belt Drying and Microwave Drying of Supported Catalysts
Xue Liu, Johannes Khinast and Benjamin J. Glasser

Fabrication of Ultra Low Loading Anodes for Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells
Christian Contreras, Kurt Jensen, Shaun Alia, Shuang Gu and Yushan Yan
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