Forest Products Biorefinery Feedstock and Logistics

Tuesday, November 9, 2010: 12:30 PM
150 C Room (Salt Palace Convention Center)

Various treatment processes for forest based lignocellulosics will be covered in this session. Feed stock, supply chain logistics and pretreatment processes will be of interest.

Forest and Plant Bioproducts Division
Sustainability (09g), Sustainable Engineering Forum (23), Sustainable Biorefineries (23B)

Jeff Lindsay

Eric Bober

- indicates paper has an Extended Abstract file available on CD.

12:30 PM
(276a) Biomass Feedstock Market Supporting the Emerging Biorefinery Industry: How Will It Develop?
Yogendra Shastri, Ming-Che Hu, Alan Hansen, Luis Rodriguez and K.C. Ting

12:55 PM
(276b) Woody Biomass and Mill Waste Utilization Opportunities in Alabama: Transportation Cost Minimization, Optimum Facility Location, Economic Feasibility and Impact
Burak Aksoy, Harry T. Cullinan, David Webster, Kevin Gue, Mario R. Eden, Norman E. Sammons Jr. and Sujith Sukumaran

1:20 PM
(276c) Mixing and Conveying High Solids Biomass Using Rheological Modifiers
J. R. Samaniuk, D. J. Klingenberg, T. W. Root and C. Tim Scott

File available
1:45 PM
(276d) Effect of Steam Explosion On Wood Pellet Quality
Pak Sui Lam, Shahab Sokhansanj, Xiaotao Bi and C.J. Lim

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