Technology Transfer In (A) Product Design Via ChE Education and (B) Commercial Product Manufacturing

Monday, November 8, 2010: 8:30 AM
Solitude (Marriott Downtown)

Part A: Product design is becoming a popular new course to add to the chemical engineering curriculum. Papers are sought that describe the content and format of current product design courses and concepts for new material to include in such courses. Papers on detailed case studies, software tools, laboratory experiments, etc., that can be included in a product design course are also welcome. Part B: A key phase of process development is the effective scale-up and commercialization of a robust manufacturing process at the manufacturing site. Business needs frequently dictate the requirement to transfer manufacturing from one production site to another. Effective technology transfer is necessary to ensure smooth transition to the new site. This session seeks papers giving examples of considerations for successful manufacturing site changes.

Product Design
Education (04), Technology Transfer (12c)

Kenneth R. Cox

Michael Hill

John F. Peragine

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