Conversion of Solid Wastes to Energy and/or Product

Monday, November 8, 2010: 3:15 PM
150 F Room (Salt Palace Convention Center)

This session solicits presentations of innovative processing technologies for conversion of solid wastes into reusable energy and/or products to reduce environmental footprints. The solid wastes of large volume and energy content are of interest, such as municipal solid wastes, agricultural wastes, and industrial wastes (spent cars, tires). Hazardous and toxic wastes are not covered by this technical session.

Topical G: Innovations of Green Process Engineering for Sustainable Energy and Environment
Catalysis and Reaction Engineering Division (20), Alternative Energy and Fuel Cells (07F), Separations Division (02)

Shulin Chen

Gibson Asuquo

- indicates paper has an Extended Abstract file available on CD.

3:15 PM

3:40 PM
(140b) A Spectrophotometric Method for Quantitative Determination of Xylose In Fermentation Medium
Patrisha J. Pham, Rafael Hernandez, Benjamin Estill, Andro H. Mondala and William T. French

4:05 PM
(140c) Transesterification of Activated Sludge Oil by Ionic Liquid Supported Acid Catalysis
Patrisha J. Pham, Rafael Hernandez, Dyane Marie Acevedo Vélez and William T. French

4:55 PM
(140e) An Evaluation of Production of Fuels From Sewage Sludge
Y. Madueke, Ramalingam Subramaniam, Cunwen Wang, Stephen Dufreche, Mark Zappi and Rakesh Bajpai

File available
5:20 PM