Electrocatalysis for PEM Fuel Cells II

Monday, November 8, 2010: 12:30 PM
254 C Room (Salt Palace Convention Center)

This session focuses on fundamental understanding, modeling, fabrication, experiments of PEM fuel cell performance. Both catalysis and mebrane aspects are of interest.

Catalysis and Reaction Engineering Division

Thomas F. Jaramillo
Email: jaramillo@stanford.edu

Scott A. Gold
Email: scottagold@hotmail.com

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12:30 PM

12:51 PM
(91b) Gold Stabilized Platinum and Palladium Nanotubes
Shaun Alia, Yanqi Zhang, Qian Xu, Kurt Jensen, Christian Contreras and Yushan Yan

1:33 PM
(91d) SEM and TEM Studies of Electrode Structure in PEM Fuel Cells
Qianping He, David J. Keffer, Thomas A. Zawodzinski and David C. Joy

File available
2:15 PM
(91f) Microfluidic Platforms for Catalyst and Electrode Development
Molly Jhong, Fikile R. Brushett and Paul J. A. Kenis

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