Interfacial Phenomena in Energy Systems

Thursday, November 11, 2010: 12:30 PM
Canyon A (Hilton)

Interfacial phenomena play a vital role in many energy systems. Whether one discusses the adsorption of hydrogen onto a platinum catalyst particle in a fuel cell, the transfer of charge across the dye-semiconductor interface in a photo-electrochemical cell or the adsorption of an enzyme on a cellulosic particle for the production of fuel ethanol, interfaces and the transport of material or energy across them play a direct role in the efficiency of any energy system. This session focuses on interfacial phenomena in energy systems, including traditional gas/oil/coal systems and nontraditional and renewable systems such as solar, biofuels, fuel cells, gas hydrates, supercapacitors, etc. Experimental and theoretical papers are both welcome.

Interfacial Phenomena

Zhiyong Gu

Dan Steingart

12:30 PM
(647a) Phase Field Simulation of Dendritic Growth In Flow Batteries
Divyaraj Desai, Joshua Gallaway, Sanjoy Banerjee and Dan Steingart

12:50 PM
(647b) Microfluidic Analysis of Printed Battery Electrodes
Abhinav Gaikwad, Joshua Gallaway and Dan Steingart

1:10 PM

1:30 PM
(647d) Electrodeposition of Thick Zinc Layers in a Microfluidic Parallel Plate Flow Channel
Joshua Gallaway, Divyaraj Desai, Abhinav Gaikwad, Sanjoy Banerjee and Dan Steingart

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