Poster Session On Fundamentals and Applications of Adsorption and Ion Exchange

Tuesday, November 9, 2010: 6:00 PM
Hall 1 (Salt Palace Convention Center)

This poster session will present the most recent advances in the fundamentals of adsorption and ion exchange.

Adsorption and Ion Exchange

Francisco R. Hung

Heath Turner

- indicates paper has an Extended Abstract file available on CD.

(189a) Liquid-Phase Adsorption and Characterization of Carbon-Silica Composites
Alexios Harkiolakis, Filip de Clippel, Bert Sels, Gino V. Baron and Joeri F.M. Denayer

(189c) Molecular Simulations of Graphene-Based Electric Double-Layer Capacitors
Raja Kirthi Kalluri, Deepthi Konatham and Alberto Striolo

(189e) High-Temperature CO2 Adsorption On LiXZrYOZ Ceramics
Qin-Hui Zhang, Xian-Sheng Yin and Jian-Guo Yu

(189g) Silicoaluminophosphates as CO2 Adsorbent for Pressure Swing Adsorption
N.C. Ocean Cheung, Qingling Liu Sr., Zoltan Bacsik and Niklas Hedin

(189h) Aluminophosphates for CO2 Separation
Qingling Liu Sr., N.C. Ocean Cheung and Niklas Hedin

(189i) Engineered Gas Adsorbents, Optimum Structure and Performance
Fateme Rezaei, Jonas Hedlund and Paul A. Webley

(189j) High-Temperature CO2 Adsorbents Derived From Layered Double Hydroxides: Influences of Trivalent Cations, Inter-Layer Anions and Synthesis pH
Qiang Wang, Hui Huang Tay, Zhihuai Wu, Luwei Chen, Yan Liu, Jie Chang, Ziyi Zhong, Jizhong Luo and Armando Borgna

(189n) Adsorption and Prediction of CO2 and N2 Isotherms On Synthesized NaY Zeolite
Wei Shao, Luzheng Zhang, Liangxiong Li and Robert L. Lee

(189o) Optimizing Carbon Sorbent Regeneration Separating CO2 From Power-Plant Flue Gas On Carbon Sorbents
Kaspars Krutkramelis, Bryce Dutcher, Hertanto Adidharma and Maciej Radosz

(189q) Pore Size Characterization of Carbons Using the Randomly Etched Graphite Model
S. Mardonio P. Lucena, Pedro F.G. Silvino, Carlos A. Paiva, Diana C. S. Azevedo and Celio L. Cavalcante Jr.

Ion Transfer Properties of Layer-by-Layer Films During Contact Electrification
Xin Chen, Sarah J. Vella, Wonjae Choi, Jinlong Gong and George M. Whitesides
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