Bioseparation and Bionanotechnology in Japan

Monday, November 8, 2010: 12:30 PM
253 A Room (Salt Palace Convention Center)

This session is co-sponsored by Area 2G of the Separations Division and by the Biotechnology Division of the Society of Chemical Engineering of Japan. The session will comprise papers discussing recent advances in bioseparations and bionanotechnology in Japan. Although the primary focus is to highlight contributions from Japan, papers from the US or other countries dealing with bioseparation and bionanotechnology will also be considered for this session.

Bio Separations

Giorgio Carta

Shuichi Yamamoto

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1:35 PM
(84d) Depth Filter Membranes of Biodegradable Biomass Plastics
Takaaki Tanaka, Takayuki Nishimoto, Tomoaki Kouya, Masayuki Taniguchi and Douglas R. Lloyd

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1:55 PM

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