Poster Session: Particle Technology Forum

Monday, November 8, 2010: 6:00 PM
Hall 1 (Salt Palace Convention Center)

This session invites presentations related to all aspects of particle technology; Participation from students are ecouraged. The student papers will be judged and the first three best student papers will be acknowledged by PTF and the winners will receive a small prize from PTF.

Particle Technology Forum

Manuk Colakyan

Ray A. Cocco

- indicates paper has an Extended Abstract file available on CD.

File available
(190c) Preparation of Nano Silica-Sol From Siliceous Mudstone In Korea
Chul-Joo Kim, Ho-Sung Yoon, Sung-Don Kim and Hee-Dong Jang

File available
(190d) Separation of Cerium From Leaching Solution of Monazite by Aeration Method
Ho-Sung Yoon, Chul-Joo Kim, Sung-Don Kim and Joon-Soo Kim

(190e) Laser Induced Fluorescnce Studies of Concentration Fields in Supercritical Antisolvent Precipitation Process Spray
Rajeshwar B. Chinnawar, Andrew P. Klinger, Christopher B. Roberts and Steve R. Duke

(190k) Task-Specific Liquid-Like Nanoparticle Ionic Materials (NIMs) for CO2 Capture
Kunyi Andrew Lin, Youngjune Park and Ah-Hyung Alissa Park

(190l) Discrete Element Model (DEM) Material Calibration Using Grid Parallel Computing
David Curry, Elson Mourão, John Favier and Richard D. LaRoche

(190m) Micronization of Arbutin Microparticles by Using the SAS Process
Chang-Nam Han, Dong Lyun Cho, Don-Hee Park and Choon-Hyoung Kang

(190n) A Study On Characteristics of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells with Gel Electrolyte
Bok-Min Kim, Chang-Nam Han, Jae soon Shin and Choon-Hyoung Kang

(190o) Correlation Between Sensitivity and Morphology of Flame-Made SnO2 Thin Film Gas Sensors
Zhili Zhan, Wei-Ning Wang, Liying Zhu, Woo-Jin An and Pratim Biswas

File available
(190p) Nanosilver: Exposed Surface Area and Antibacterial Activity
Georgios A. Sotiriou, Adrian Camenzind, Frank Krumeich, Andreas Meyer, Sven Panke and Sotiris E. Pratsinis

(190q) Superparamagnetic Nanoparticle Solid Acid Catalysts for Biofuels
Myles Anton Ikenberry, Leidy Pena, Donghai Wang and Keith L. Hohn

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