Characterization of Engineered Particulate Systems for Pharmaceutical Active Ingredient Delivery

Tuesday, November 9, 2010: 12:30 PM
250 F Room (Salt Palace Convention Center)

There has been an increased activity leading to novel engineered particulate composites for products containing pharmaceutical active ingredients. This has led to increased need for determining and characterizing the properties crucial for achieving a desired function in the final dosage form. Thus the main purpose of this session is to encourage papers and subsequent discussions that lead to development of approaches that help determine and characterize critical material attributes that influence the properties of the materials required for forming structured composite products with desired performance. Contributions related to adaptation or development state-of-the-art techniques for characterization of these properties would be most ideal for this session.

Particle Production and Characterization
Pharmaceuticals (15b), Solids Flow, Handling and Processing (03C)

Stephen P. Beaudoin

Ranjit Thakur

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