Reaction Engineering for Biomass Conversion

Monday, November 8, 2010: 3:15 PM
150 G Room (Salt Palace Convention Center)

Crop residues, forest residues, woody biomass, and plant-based industrial processing woody biomass wastes provide a broad renewable feedstock base for developing energy efficient and environmentally sustainable processes for producing a wide range of chemicals, fuels, and bio-based materials. This session provides a forum for the application of Reaction Engineering in the biomass conversion area. Attempt will be made to publish a special issue on a journal for selected papers presented in this session along with other related sessions.

Catalysis and Reaction Engineering Division

Marcel A. Liauw

Shijie Liu

3:15 PM
(172a) Cobalt Zeolitic Imidazolate Frameworks for the Oxidation of Lignin and Lignin-Related Model Compounds
Joseph Zakzeski, Agnieszka Dębczak, P. C. A. Bruijnincx and B. M. Weckhuysen

3:57 PM
(172c) Hydrogenolysis of Biomass Derived Polyols Using Bimetallic Catalysts
Debdut Roy, Bala Subramaniam and Raghunath V. Chaudhari

4:18 PM
(172d) Experimental Studies and Reaction Kinetics of Lipid Synthesis From Lipomyces Starkeyi
Satish Patil, Ramalingam Subramaniam, Cunwen Wang, Mark Zappi, Stephen Dufreche and Rakesh Bajpai

5:00 PM
(172f) The Effects of Solvents On Glucose to HMF Conversion
Dajiang Liu, Xinying Wang, Mark Nimlos, Ranil Wickramasinghe and Xianghong Qian

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