Structured Catalytic Reactors: Monoliths and Membranes

Thursday, November 11, 2010: 8:30 AM
150 D/E Room (Salt Palace Convention Center)

Structured catalytic reactors have been extensively used for chemical conversions, multi-phase flows, heat management, catalytic combustion, waste control, automotive emission control, high throughput reactors, and others. The reactors may also apply membranes for controlled addition/removal of reactants/products or storage of particles. There is a growing need to extend our conventional catalyst and reaction engineering knowledge base to this reactor category to have better understanding of flow contacting, multi-species transports, and detailed reaction kinetics and their interactions, to have improved understanding of monolith structure impact and materials (washcoat) influence on reactor performance. The submissions of research papers on recent developments in modeling and experimental methodology as well as in application of structured catalytic reactors are encouraged.

Catalysis and Reaction Engineering Division

Vasilis Papavassiliou

Fan Shi

- indicates paper has an Extended Abstract file available on CD.

8:30 AM
(619a) Methane Oxidative Coupling: Synthesis of Membrane Reactor Networks
Hamid Reza Godini, Stanislav Jaso, Harvey Arellano-Garcia and GŁnter Wozny

File available
8:51 AM
(619b) Testing of Methane Steam Reforming in a Novel Structured Catalytic Reactor Providing Flow Impingement Heat Transfer
Paul A. Erickson, Jonathan J. Feinstein, Michael P. Ralston, David D. Davieau and Ian K. Sit

9:54 AM
(619e) A Lattice-Boltzmann Approach to Two-Phase Flow with High Density Ratios in Inclined Channels of Structured Packings
Mohammad R. Kamali, Jurriaan J.J. Gillissen, Sankaran Sundaresan and Harry E.A. Van den Akker

10:15 AM
(619f) Multiphysics Modeling in Chemical Reaction Engineering
Henrik von Schenck and Jasper M. Van Baten
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