Alternative Fuels

Thursday, November 11, 2010: 8:30 AM
150 A/B Room (Salt Palace Convention Center)

Papers are sought that address research and development toward the sustainable production and use of alternative fuels from diversified sources including oil shale, coal, synfuels, as well as biobased alternative fuels such as ethanol, biobutanol, dimethyl ether, biodiesel, renewable diesel and green diesel. Topics covered may include, but are not limited to: (1) R&D devoted to the development of innovative processes for the production and use of alternative fuels; (2) The application of core chemical engineering principles to pilot- or larger-scale production of alternative fuels; and (3) Production of other alternative fuels using traditional petrochemical techniques such reforming and hydrogenation, as well as biochemical routes like microbial hydrogen production, etc.

Catalysis and Reaction Engineering Division

Wei-Yin Chen

Corey A. Leclerc

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9:12 AM
(576c) Branched-Chain Alcohol Esters as Low-Temperature Biofuel Constituents
Venkata KS Pappu, Victor M. Kanyi and Dennis J. Miller

9:33 AM
(576d) The Conversion of Lipids Derived From Activated Sludge Into Biofuels
Emmanuel D. Revellame, Rafael Hernandez, W. Todd French, Earl G. Alley and William E. Holmes

9:54 AM
(576e) A Novel Class of Solid Base Catalysts in Transesterification of Vegetable Oils with Methanol
Shuli Yan, Craig DiMaggio, Siddharth Mohan, Manhoe Kim, Huali Wang, Steven Salley and Simon Ng

File available
10:15 AM
(576f) Kinetics of Free Fatty Acid Esterification On Sulfated Zirconium Oxide
Nourredine Abdoulmoumine, Nuttapol Lerkkasemsan, Luke E. K. Achenie and Foster A. Agblevor
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