Biomaterials II

Monday, November 8, 2010: 12:30 PM
Grand Ballroom F (Salt Palace Convention Center)

This second biomaterials session highlights presentations that represent a broad range of biomaterials design, synthesis and processing research in applications including tissue engineering, surgical science, and drug delivery.


Mariah S. Hahn

Hyunjoon Kong

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12:55 PM
(83b) Bioactive Hydrogels Based On Collagen-Mimetic Proteins
Dany Munoz-Pinto, Bo Wang, Mary Beth Browning, Elizabeth M. Cosgriff-Hernandez, Brooke Russell, Magnus Hook and Mariah S. Hahn

1:45 PM

2:10 PM
(83e) Crystal Growth Inhibitors for the Prevention of L-Cystine Kidney Stones through Molecular Design
Jeffrey D. Rimer, Zhihua An, Zina Zhu, Michael H. Lee, Jeffrey A. Wesson, David S. Goldfarb and Michael D. Ward

2:35 PM
(83f) Poly(lactic acid) Based Biodegradable Surfactants and Their Potentials for Drug Delivery
Yingchuan Yu, Alexandros Lamprou, Davide Moscatelli, Giuseppe Storti and Massimo Morbidelli
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