Developments in Electrolytic Routes to Hydrogen I

Thursday, November 11, 2010: 12:30 PM
Alta Room (Marriott Downtown)

Advances in electrolysis technology for hydrogen production will be covered, particularly those involving high-temperature solid oxide electrolyte cells (SOEC)s.

Topical 8: Hydrogen Production and Storage
Nuclear Engineering Division (14)

Carl M. Stoots

Grant L. Hawkes

12:30 PM
(638a) Degradation Studies of Solid Oxide Electrolysis Cells
Greg G. Tao, Bruce Butler, Niladri Dasgupta, Anil V. Virkar and Manohar S. Sohal

12:55 PM
(638b) Renewable Energy Storage by CO2 Recycling Using High Temperature Electrolysis
Joseph J. Hartvigsen, Lyman Frost, S. Elangovan, Carl M. Stoots, James E. O'Brien and Stephen Herring

1:20 PM
(638c) Electrolysis and Regenerative Operation of the NASA Symmetrical SOFC
Thomas Cable, John A. Setlock and Serene C. Farmer

1:45 PM
(638d) Development of a Hydrogen Home Fueling System
Greg G. Tao, Bruce Butler and Anil V. Virkar

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