Gasification Process Development

Tuesday, November 9, 2010: 12:30 PM
Grand Ballroom B/C (Marriott Downtown)

Gasification is getting a lot of attention over last few years as the worldwide demand for energy, synthetic fuels, fertilizers and chemicals is growing rapidly. Gasification is a technology that takes low cost fuel resources such as coal, biomass, heavy oil and turn them into gas products such as syngas (CO, H2) which in turn can be used in a variety of applications to produce high value products mentioned above. Gasification process involves complex chemical operations, heat exchangers and in some cases turbo machinery, thus providing numerous challenging process integration/intensification opportunities. Process innovations in this important field is can lower the overall cost of products, green house gas footprint and water usage of many industrial applications listed above. We would like to invite papers discussing advanced process innovation/intensification/integration ideas related to gasification related plants and unit operations including Air Separation Unit, Syngas Clean-up, Water Gas Shift reactors, other syngas conversion reactions, CO2 capture and Power Island.

Process Research and Innovation

Parag P. Kulkarni

Robert S. Huss

- indicates paper has an Extended Abstract file available on CD.

12:32 PM
(280a) Analysis of An Air Separation Unit as Part of An IGCC Power Plant
Dustin D. Jones, Debangsu Bhattacharyya, Richard Turton and Stephen E. Zitney

1:35 PM

File available
1:56 PM
(280d) Kinetics of High Pressure Biomass Gasification
Pradeep K. Agrawal, Kristiina Iisa, Anna Elgqvist, Steven J. Lien and Scott A. Sinquefield

File available
2:17 PM
(280e) Gasification Fluidized Bed Reactor Modeling
Alireza Abbasi, Hugo I. deLasa, Masahiro Kawaji and Paul E. Ege

2:38 PM
(280f) The Dry Gasification Oxy-Combustion (DGOC) Power Production Process
Michael E. Walker, Donald J. Chmielewski, Javad Abbasian and Marco J. Castaldi

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