Biomass Gasification

Monday, November 8, 2010: 12:30 PM
Grand Ballroom H (Marriott Downtown)

gasification and biomass conversion by thermal and catalytic-thermal treatments

Fuels and Petrochemicals Division

Foster A. Agblevor

Richard G. Mallinson

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12:32 PM
(82a) Influence of Thermal Treatment Temperature On Wood Structures
Ping Wang, Bret H. Howard, Bryan D. Morreale, Sheila Hedges, Dirk VanEssendelft and David Berry

1:06 PM
(82c) Chemical Modeling of Biomass Gasification
Mark Nimlos, AnGayle K. Vasiliou, Adam. M Scheer, Mark Jarvis, Perrine Pepiot, David. J Robichaud, Katherine Gaston and G. Barney Ellison

1:23 PM

1:40 PM

1:49 PM
(82e) Effects of Feedstock and Particle Size On Biomass Gasification Tars
Katherine R. Gaston, Kim Magrini, Mark W. Jarvis, Kristin Smith and Mark Nimlos

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2:06 PM
(82f) Biomass Pyrolysis In a Three-Stage Gasifier
Tom R. Marrero and David L. Seidel

File available
2:23 PM
(82g) A Study On Modeling and Operational Optimization of Biomass Gasification Processes Using Neural Networks
Maurício B. De Souza Jr, Amaro G. Barreto Jr, Leonardo C. Nemer, Patrícia O. Soares and Cristina P. B. Quitete

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2:40 PM
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