Characteristics of Aminosilicones Used for CO2 Capture

Monday, November 8, 2010: 12:50 PM
151 F Room (Salt Palace Convention Center)
Sarah Genovese1, Benjamin R. Wood1, Robert J. Perry1, Michael O'Brien1 and Sam D. Draper2, (1)Global Research, General Electric, Niskayuna, NY, (2)GE Energy, Greenville, SC

This work describes the characterization of the material and CO2 absorption characteristics of a new class of CO2 absorption liquids. Mixtures of aminosilicones and hydroxyethers were shown to have improved dynamic CO2 capture capacities compared to more common CO2 capture solvents such as 30% MEA. Isotherms and other measured properties were used to calculate the cost of electricity using a CO2 capture system model integrated into a pulverized coal-fired power plant system. Systems for study in a lab-scale continuous absorption / desorption apparatus were based on these results.

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