Sustainably Produced Sugars From Biomass: The Key to Commercialization

Wednesday, November 10, 2010: 9:30 AM
Grand Ballroom E (Salt Palace Convention Center)
Sarah A., Teter, Novozymes, Inc., Davis, CA

Novozymes has launched the first commercially viable product for conversion of complex biomass to fermentable sugars. Continued enzyme improvement and integration of key process steps are the driving force enabling biorefineries to commercialize production of fuels and chemicals. On the enzyme front, we demonstrate increased catalytic activity, and improved tolerance to inhibition. We have developed enzymes that work well in a variety of processes and conditions on pretreated agricultural residues as well as woody based substrates. Our recent and continued success results from engineering improved specific activity of the enzymes present in our existing cellulase products, addition of accessory proteins that improve performance on some substrate, and introduction of superior proteins into high-yielding T. reesei production strains. In addition to developing new enzymes, we have addressed the interaction between pretreatment, enzymatic hydrolysis and fermentation in order to attain a holistic view of the entire biorefinery process and its associated costs. Novozymes works with industry leaders to integrate the technologies both upstream and downstream of enzymatic hydrolysis. This needed integration of technologies drives our open and broad approach to partnering, with a focus on innovative companies representing varied cellulose based substrates and cutting edge technologies. Novozymes' technologies enable companies to move aggressively from pilot scale testing to commercialization.

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