A “Seven Trait Writing Tool” for Assessment of Technical Writing

Tuesday, November 9, 2010: 2:35 PM
151 G Room (Salt Palace Convention Center)
John R. Schlup, Department of Chemical Engineering, Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS

It is often difficult to assess coursework in engineering classes that are writing intensive. It would be desirable to integrate assessment of both the student's communication skills and their technical content. An added benefit is that students can begin to see the interrelatedness of various learning and program outcomes. Over the past several years a coursework assessment tool has been developed for use within an undergraduate chemical engineering laboratory. Considerations of technical content, idea development, and student communication skills have been integrated into one rubric. These data then have been employed to assess three program outcomes. The basis for this approach will be discussed, and the rubric with performance criteria will be described. Example outputs and their application to assessment of program outcomes will be considered.

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