Bioremediation of Oily Waste / Sludge Generated by Petroleum Industry, Extraction of Oil by Soxhlet Method and Its Analysis by GC Method

Friday, November 12, 2010: 8:30 AM
Grand Ballroom A (Marriott Downtown)
Bina Singh, Enviornment and industrial Biotechnology, the energy resources Institute, New Delhi, India, Priyangshu M. Sarma, The Energy Resources Institute, The Energy Resources Institute, New Delhi, India, Ajoy K. Mandal, Energy Resources Institute, The Energy Resources Institute, New Delhi, India and Banwari Lal, icrobilogy Department, The Energy Resources Institute, New Delhi, India

A field scale study was conducted in a land contaminated with an oily sludge by use of a carrier based hydrocarbon- degrading consortium for bioremediation.The land belonged to oil refinery. Prior to this study a feasibility study was conducted to access the capacity of bacterial consortium to degrade oily sludge. At GGS-I Kalol, GGS-I Limbodara, GGS-II Limbodara and GGS Gamij pits were undertaken for bioremediation. In this study consortium was prepared in large scale in bioreactor and was used in field area. Samples of the soil at zero day (without application of microbial consortia) and after application of microbial consortia at different time interval period i.e. one month two and three months till complete degradation of oily sludge/ soil is completed was collected. Soil samples of the site were subjected for oil extraction using soxhlet method. Weight of the oil was calculated by simple gravimetric method. Column fractionation was done for the extracted oil before injecting in gas chromatogram. Characterization of oil was done by (Gas Chromatograph (Hewlett Packard 5890 SeriesII using, GC Column (DB2887) for Alkane and Column (DB23) for Aromatic samples, 1H, spectra in CDCl3 were obtained in Bruker DRX-400 instrument (Carlsruhe, Germany solid-state 13C NMR spectra were obtained with Brucker DRX-400 MHz and5mm mass probes. All 13C spectra were run on a samples spinning at 287352Hz. The 1H-NMR was measured at a spinning speed of 55921Hz)

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