Advances in Process Intensification I

Tuesday, November 10, 2009: 8:30 AM
Jackson E (Gaylord Opryland Hotel)

Process Intensification is the term used to describe the means by which a chemical process can be made drastically more efficient. Papers on combined processes (e.g., reaction and separation), novel reactors, the use of alternative energy forms, and the application of novel materials with a link to Process Intensification are welcome. Significant intensification of a process requires a holistic view in order to identify and eliminate the main transport resistances that limit the overall performance. In order to meet this definition, changes in thinking involve the design of new machinery and hardware and consideration of the chemistry, process design, and logistics.

Process Development Division

Costas Tsouris

Hannsjörg Freund

8:35 AM
(184a) Syngas Chemical Looping Gasification Process and Its Novel Retrofit Applications
Fanxing Li, Deepak Sridhar, Luis Gilberto Velazquez Vargas, Andrew Tong, Liang Zeng, Fei Wang, Zhenchao Sun and L. - S. Fan

9:55 AM
(184e) Solar-Thermal Reactor Engineering - the Ultimate in Process Intensification
Paul Lichty, Janna Martinek, Bryan Woodruff, Elizabeth Saade, Carl Bingham and Alan W. Weimer
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