Poster Session: General On Separations

Tuesday, November 10, 2009: 6:00 PM
Ryman Hall B1/B2 (Gaylord Opryland Hotel)

All posters with a focus on separations are welcome. Please submit your poster to a specific Area 2 poster session if one is available.

General Topics and Other Methods

Stephen M. Ritchie

(335aa) Reaction kinetics of magnesium-silicate based CO2 sorption
Soonchul Kwon, Maohong Fan, Herbert F. M. DaCosta and Armistead G. Russell

(335b) Study of Multi-Breakage of Liquid Droplets with An Ideal Mesh Pad
Jorge Mario Marchetti, Hugo Jakobsen and Hallvard Svendsen

(335c) Liquid Droplet Measurements Using a Laser Scattering Technique
Jorge Mario Marchetti, Luciano E. Patruno, Hugo A. Jakobsen and Hallvard F. Svendsen

(335d) Fructose Solubility in Water and Ethanol/Water (poster)
Anamaria T.C.R. Silva, Ana B. N. Brito and Marco Giulietti

(335i) Understanding Gradient-Driven Diffusion of Membrane Proteins in Lipidic Mesophases
D.S. Khvostichenko, S.L. Perry, C.F. Zukoski and P.J.A. Kenis

(335m) Experimental Evaluation of Quadrupole Magnetic Flow Sorter for Pancreatic Islets
V. S. K. Sajja, David J. Kennedy, Paul W. Todd, Klearchos K. Papas, Michael Green, Robert McCarthy and Thomas R. Hanley

(335o) Global Feasibility Test for Complex Column Design
Seon B. Kim, Gerardo J. Ruiz and Andreas A. Linninger

(335p) Characterization of Crystal Breakage Using 2D Particle Size Distribution
Lorenzo Codan, Thomas Vetter, Matthäus U. Bäbler and Marco Mazzotti

(335q) Magnetic Sorting of Unlabeled Red Blood Cells (RBC)
Rustin Shenkman, Jeffrey Chalmers and Maciej Zborowski

(335u) CO2 Capture Using Supported Ionic Liquids
Delisha L. Hightower, Kevin N. West and James H. Davis Jr.

(335v) Determination of Ethanol in Ionic Liquids Using Headspace Solid Phase Microextraction - Gas Chromatography
Fei Zhao, Thehazhnan K. Ponnaiyan, Christa M. Graham, Constance A. Schall, Sasidhar Varanasi and Jared L. Anderson

(335y) Microfiltration of Thin Stillage: Process Design and Economic Analysis
Amit Arora, Bruce S. Dien, R. L Belyea, M. E. Tumbleson, Vijay Singh and Kent D. Rausch

(335z) Removal of Salt Impurities From Glycerol Using Electrodeionization Technique
Saurav Datta, Michael P. Henry, Sabeen F. Ahmad, Seth W. Snyder and Yupo J. Lin
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