In Situ and Operando Spectroscopy of Catalysts

Friday, November 13, 2009: 8:30 AM
Governor's Chamber A (Gaylord Opryland Hotel)

This session focuses on experimental spectroscopic measurements and signal processing in order to gain insight into heterogeneous, homogeneous and enzymatic reactions. Spectroscopic methods may include infrared, Raman, UV-VIS, NMR etc.

Catalysis and Reaction Engineering Division

Israel E. Wachs


8:30 AM
(658a) Simultaneous Measurement of X-Ray Absorption Spectra and Kinetics: A Fixed-Bed, Plug-Flow Operando Reactor
Bradley R. Fingland, Neng Guo, Vincent Kispersky, Fabio H. Ribeiro and Jeffrey T. Miller

9:10 AM
(658c) In Situ XAFS and DRIFTS of Palladium Zinc Water-Gas Shift Catalysts
W. Damion Williams, Joshua L. Ratts, Luis Bollmann, Jeffrey T. Miller, W. N. Delgass and Fabio H. Ribeiro

9:30 AM
(658d) In Situ ATR-IR Studies On the Mechanism of Limonene Epoxidation Over PW-Amberlite
Rolando Barrera, Aida Luz Villa, Consuelo Montes de Correa and Christopher T. Williams

9:50 AM
(658e) The Catalytic Binuclear Elimination Reaction
Chuanzhao Li, Li Chen, Effendi Widjaja, Liangfeng Guo and Marc Garland

10:10 AM
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