Monday, November 17, 2008: 12:30 PM-3:00 PM
Exhibit Hall A (Pennsylvania Convention Center)

Student Chapters Committee Liaison (04i)

#0 - Student Poster Session: Excellence in Addressing Societal Issues with Engineering Expertise (04I11)
This poster session is sponsored by the Youth Council on Sustainable Science and Engineering and the Sustainable Engineering Forum Posters will include: 1. The award winning effort from Rowan University Chem Es on Green Engineering Research, 2. Lafayette College project on biofuels and the CSTP sustainability Roadmap 3. EPA P3 winners from MIT on Energy sustainability, 4. University of Idaho YCOSST EPA P3 Winners on sustainable design 5. The 2008 Sustainable Engineering Outstanding Student Research Prize 6. The three 2008 Washington Interns for Students of Engineering projects (two are energy policy, one on bio research policy) 7. Perspectives of Barclay Satterfield, recent Chem E Ph.D. working as a fellow with the US Congress in 2008
Cochairs:Ellyn Beary
Darlene Schuster
CoSponsor(s):Sustainable Engineering Forum (23)
A Comparison of Energy Savings Strategy for the Vacuum Distillation of Acetic Acid/Acetic Anhydride
John Campbell
Perspectives of An Engineer Working in Science and Technology Policy
Barclay Satterfield
A Roadmap for Sustainable Development
Jeshua D. Gonzalez, Nigel Martin, Goldberg Daniel, Were Martha, Disbrow Alison, Tavakoli Javad
Automatic Control Systems for Efficient Facilities' Management
Pradnya Bhawalkar
Biofuels in the United States Transportation Sector: Public Policy and Its Effects on the Industry
Nicholas Horelik
Design of Sustainable Chemical Process: Systematic Retrofit Analysis Generation and Evaluation of Alternatives
Ana I. C. S. G. Carvalho, Henrique A. S. Matos, Rafiqul Gani
Ecological Input-Output Analysis-Based Sustainability Analysis of Industrial Systems
Cristina Piluso, Yinlun Huang, Helen H. Lou
Electricity in Illinois What Next?
Elizabeth Carter
Green Engineering Design for the Recovery of Solvents in API Manufacturing
Kyle Lynch, Timothy Moroz, Anthony Furiato, Mariano Savelski, C. Stewart Slater
Metrics in Congress: Useful Metrics for Evaluating Renewable Fuels in Legis
Michaelangelo Tabone
Sustainability Decision Analysis: Carbon Black from Scrap Tires
Sakshi Uppal, Earl R. Beaver
The Impact of Pharmacogenomics on the Pharmaceutical Industry
Viktoriya Buchko

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