Monday, November 17, 2008: 3:15 PM-5:45 PM
Salon C (Marriott Philadelphia Downtown)

Environmental Division (09)

#167 - New Developments In PM and the Environment II (09024)
Continuation of New Developments In PM and the Environment I
Chair:William P. Linak
CoChair:Jost O. L. Wendt
3:15 PMCarbon-Metal Redox Reaction: Its Implications In Particle Toxicity and Air Pollution Control
Bing Guo
3:40 PMUltra-Fine PM Derived from Fullerene-Like Carbon In Electrostatic Precipitator Fly Ash
Uschi M. Graham, Alan Dozier, Rajesh A. Khatri, Michael Tseng, James C. Hower, Burtron H. Davis
4:05 PMHydrocarbons Adsorbed to Combustion-Derived PM Localize to Lipid Droplets and Activate Oxidative Stress Response Genes in Respiratory Cells
Arthur L. Penn, Gleeson Murphy, Rodney L. Rouse, William W Polk
4:30 PMSoot Nanoparticles Promote Biotransformation, Oxidative Stress, and Inflammation in Murine Lungs
Rodney L. Rouse, Gleeson Murphy, Daniel B Paulsen, Arthur L. Penn
4:55 PMSpeciation of Iron, Carbon, and Sulfur In Diesel Exhaust Particulate from Combustion of Diesel Fuel with and without Addition of 0.1 Wt% Ferrocene
Frank E. Huggins, Naresh Shah, Artur Braun, Gerald P. Huffman, Kerry Kelly, David Wagner, Adel. F. Sarofim
5:20 PMCoagulation of Charged Nanoparticles: Refined Classical Approach and Its Limits
Vladimir Y. Smorodin

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