Friday, November 21, 2008: 10:45 AM-1:15 PM
Room 109-B (Pennsylvania Convention Center)

Interfacial Phenomena (01c)

#755 - Biomolecules at Interfaces IV (01C29)
This session welcomes contributions describing experiment and theory for a wide range of biomolecules (proteins, DNA, polysaccharides, etc.) and a broad range of interfaces, both liquid-solid and liquid-liquid. Relevant topics include: protein adsorption, biological forces and adhesion, biomembranes, transport of biomolecules across interfaces, changes in biomolecule conformation induced by interfaces, and interfacial engineering for applications such as biosensing, biomedical materials development, and bioseparations. Traditionally, this session has emphasized fundamentals over applications, but contributions from both sides are encouraged.
Chair:Raymond Tu
Cochairs:Sammy S. Datwani
Ted Lee
10:45 AMCharacterization of Biologically Modified Nanomaterials with Analytical Ultracentrifugation
James B. Falabella, Michael J. Tarlov
11:05 AMUnderstanding Atherogenesis Using Colloid Science: Effect of Sphingomyelinase-Mediated Generation of Ceramide on Aggregation of Low Density Lipoproteins
Michael J. Walters, Steven P. Wrenn
11:25 AMLung Surfactant Microbubbles
Mark A. Borden
11:45 AMDiffusing Nanoparticle Measurements of Biomolecular Interactions
Shannon L. Eichmann, Michael A. Bevan
12:05 PMMeasuring Lipid Bilayer Curvature Using Micro-Fabricated Cantilevers
Kai-Wei Liu, Sibani Lisa Biswal
12:25 PMA Facile Route for Creating Reverse Vesicles by Combining Lipids of Varying Tail Length
Shih-Huang Tung, Hee-Young Lee, Srinivasa R. Raghavan
12:45 PMDrug Binding to Liposomes for Overdose Treatment
Brett A. Howell, Anuj Chauhan

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