Thursday, November 20, 2008: 12:30 PM-3:00 PM
Room 113-B (Pennsylvania Convention Center)

Interfacial Phenomena (01c)

#654 - Nanomechanical Aspects at Interfaces II: Nanotribology (01C23)
This session focuses on the interplay between interfacial chemical characteristics and nanomechanical performance. Of particular interest are, but not limited to, effects of monolayers or other thin films on tribology, tailored particle-surface interactions and molecularly engineered and constructed layers designed to produce some function. Also of interest include harnessing interfacial phenomena to address technological problems, and the general approach of tuning interfacial properties to achieve desired chemical and physical functions.
Chair:Seong H. Kim
CoChair:W. Robert Ashurst
12:30 PMSilicon Carbide Micro/Nano Systems for Extreme Environment Applications
Roya Maboudian, C. Carraro
12:55 PMNanoscale Friction In Simulations of Boundary Lubrication and the Effect of Surface Ordering
Michael L. Greenfield, Hiroko Ohtani
1:15 PMTribometric Characterization and Simulations of Monolayer Films on Silicon and Gold
Brandon D. Booth, G. Kane Jennings, Oleg A. Mazyar, Clare McCabe
1:35 PMVapor Phase Lubrication from the Macro-Scale to the Nano-Scale Via Molecular Adsorption of Short Chain Linear Alcohols
Anna Barnette, David B. Asay, Seong H. Kim
1:55 PMAn Improved Nanotribological System for Hard Disk Drives
Xuan Li, James Economy
2:15 PMMicrotribology Control Provided by CO2-Expanded Liquid Nanoparticle Deposition
Kendall M. Hurst, Christopher B. Roberts, W. Robert Ashurst
2:35 PMIonic Polymer Lubricant (IPL) with Self-Healing Capability for Boundary Lubrication
Erik Hsiao, Don Kim, Seong H. Kim

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