Thursday, November 20, 2008: 3:15 PM-5:45 PM
Room 107-A (Pennsylvania Convention Center)

Engineering Fundamentals in Life Science (15d)

#679 - Biomaterial-Cell Interactions in Tissue Engineering II (15D23)
Biomaterial-cell interactions
Chair:Padma Rajagopalan
CoChair:Mariah S. Hahn
3:15 PMEmbryonic Cardiomyocyte Beating on Mechanical Mimics of Normal and Fibrotic Heart Tissue
Christine I. Carag, Adam J. Engler, Colin Johnson, Hsin-Yao Tang, David W. Speicher, Dennis E. Discher
3:35 PMUse of Genetic Engineering to Study Cell Behavior In a Synthetic Environment
James O. Blanchette, Kristi Anseth
3:55 PMDirecting Behavior of Neural Progenitor Cells by Altering Spatial Display of Peptide Signals in Self-Assembling Matrix
Qianqian Li, Ying Chau
4:15 PMCell Migration Studies at the Interface of a Dual Chemical-Mechanical Gradient
Yuzhen Yang, Albert Kwansa, Nathan Hale, Eric Rosenberg, Padma Rajagopalan
4:35 PMBreak
4:45 PMParsing Stem Cell Behaviors on Complex Biomaterials Via High Content Imaging and Modeling
Matthew D. Treiser, Eric Yang, I.P. Androulakis, Joachim Kohn, Christopher S. Chen, Prabhas V. Moghe
5:05 PM3D Porous Scaffold Structure Design for Optimum Fluid Shear and Nutrient Transport to Osteoblastic Cells Cultured In a Perfusion Bioreactor
Roman S. Voronov, Samuel VanGordon, Vassilios I. Sikavitsas, Dimitrios Papavassiliou
5:25 PMMultifunctional Tyrosine-Derived Polycarbonates: Effect of Chemistry on Smooth Muscle Cell Adhesion and Motility
Patrick A. Johnson, Arnold Luk, Alexei Demtchouk, Hiral Patel, Simon Gordonov, Larisa Sheihet, Das Bolikal, Joachim Kohn, Prabhas V. Moghe

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