Monday, November 17, 2008: 12:30 PM-3:00 PM
Room 107-A (Pennsylvania Convention Center)

Bioengineering (15c)

#64 - Advances In Biocatalysis II (15C23)
Advances in biocatalysis
Chair:Yi Tang
CoChair:Scott A. Banta
12:30 PMOn the Role of Concentration Gradients In the Performance of Carrier-Bound Immobilized Biocatalysts: The Case of An Industrial Amidase
Caterina Boniello, Torsten Mayr, Ingo Klimant, Burghard König, Waander Riethorst, Bernd Nidetzky
12:50 PMEngineering Bacteria for the Production of Human-Like Metabolites of Diclofenac
Jamie E. Prior, Touraj Shokati, Uwe Christians, Dr. Ryan T. Gill
1:10 PMDeep Eutectic Solvents: Inexpensive, Biologically-Derived Media for Enzyme Catalysis
Johnathan T. Gorke, Friedrich Srienc, Romas J. Kazlauskas
1:30 PMMatrix-Bound Multi-Enzyme System for Rapid and Effective Ethanol Metabolism
Matthew W. Eggert, Mark E. Byrne, Robert P. Chambers
1:50 PMBreak
2:00 PMScaleable Production of Free Fatty Acids in E. Coli: Implications for Biodiesel Production
Harmit Vora, Xuefeng Lu, Chaitan Khosla
2:20 PMEnantioselective Bioreduction of Ketone with Cofactor Recycling by the Use of Coupled Permeabilized Microorganisms
Zhi Li, Wei Zhang, Kelvin O'Conner, Daniel I. C. Wang
2:40 PMChanges of Cellulose Reactivity with Purified Enzyme Components during Hydrolysis
Jian Shi, Bin Yang, Edmund Larenas, Colin Mitchinson, Charles E. Wyman

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