Thursday, November 20, 2008: 12:30 PM-3:00 PM
303-A (Pennsylvania Convention Center)

Engineering Fundamentals in Life Science (15d)

#640 - Disease Therapies and Diagnostics II (15D19)
Disease therapies and diagnostics
Chair:Sundararajan V. Madihally
CoChair:Christa N. Hestekin
12:30 PMPolymeric Carrier-Mediated Intracellular Delivery of Phosphatidylinositol Trisphosphate to Overcome Insulin Resistance
Ilana Kachko, Tamar Traitel, Raz Jelinek, Assaf Rudich, Joseph Kost
12:50 PMNovel Multifunctional Nanocarriers for Imaging and Therapy Enable Live Monitoring of Chemotherapy in a Rat Breast Tumor
Efstathios Karathanasis, Leslie Chan, Sri Balusu, Ananth Annapragada, Ioannis Sechopoulos, Ravi Bellamkonda
1:10 PMPharmacokinetic Model for the Distribution of Radiometal-Chelator-Dendrimer-PNA-IGF1 Analog Nanoparticles In Tumor-Bearing Mice
Armin W. Opitz, Nariman V. Amirkhanov, Kaijun Zhang, Mathew L. Thakur, Eric Wickstrom, Norman J. Wagner
1:30 PMCo-Delivery of p53 and Paclitaxel with Cationic Oligopeptide Amphiphilic for Cancer Therapy
Nikken Wiradharma, Yen Wah Tong, Yi Yan Yang
1:50 PMBreak
2:00 PMComparison of In Vivo and In Vitro Delivery of Oligonucleotide Containing Lipopolyplexes for Cancer Therapy
Xulang Zhang, Chee Guan Koh, Bo Yu, Longzhu Piao, Shujun Liu, Guido I. Marcucci, Robert J. Lee, J. James Lee
2:20 PMDevelopment of a Dry Powder Aerosol for the Dispersion and Eradication of Respiratory Biofilms
Emily Thomas, Buffy Stohs, Jennifer Fiegel
2:40 PMT Cell Proliferation Control with Small Molecule-Responsive RNA-Based Regulatory Systems
Yvonne Y. Chen, Christine E. Brown, Michael C. Jensen, Christina D. Smolke

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