Tuesday, November 18, 2008: 12:30 PM-3:00 PM
Room 204-C (Pennsylvania Convention Center)

Topical J: InterAmerican Confederation of Chemical Engineering – featured sessions from 23rd IACChE Congress (TJ)

#316 - Renewable and Sustainable Fuel, Products, and Processes: Practice, Science and Advances in North, Central, and South America (TJ001)
This session will present information about fuel sources from biomass and solar radiation, including technical and commercial developments. Products that are bio-based and environmentally friendly for agriculture and pharmaceuticals are of particular interest. Chemical processes are described that allow profitable manufacture of renewable materials consistent with green engineering practice. Also covered will be opportunities for nations that have unique sources of fossil energy that can be converted to a more useful form; for example, natural gas to diesel and shale and tar sands mining and processing. These technologies are important for a significant region of the world that is in the transition stage to accelerated industrialization.
Chair:Yinlun Huang
CoChair:Esteban A. Brignole
12:30 PMDesign of a Hybrid Distillation-Pervaporation Bio-Ethanol Purification Process Using Conceptual Design and Rigorous Simulation Tools
Patricia M. Hoch, José Espinosa
12:50 PMSupercritical Production of Biodiesel Using Methanol and Ethanol in Batch and Continuous Reactors
Pedro Valle, Alexis Vèlez, Pablo Hegel, Guillermo Mabe, Esteban A. Brignole
1:10 PMThe Sustainable Hydrogen Production Process
Wai Law
1:30 PMToughening Vinyl Ester Resin Using Novel Bio-Based Rubber
Giuseppe R. Palmese, Xing Geng, John J. La Scala, James M. Sands
1:50 PMTrans-FREE Hydrogenation of Vegetable Fat in Vapor Phase Modified Supercritical CO2
Maria Angeles Larrayoz, Aline Santana, Anna Huguet, Beatriz Pina, Francesc Recasens, Maria José Mayorga
2:10 PMA Preliminary Physicochemical, Exergetic and Economic Study of Hydrogen Production Utilizing Glycerol
Antonio Carlos Caetano Souza
2:30 PMSuperficial and Structural Behaviour of Activated Carbon, Obtained from Bamboo, as Adsorbent of Mercury Ions
Pedro Gonzalez -García, Yolanda Pliego-Bravo

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