Monday, November 17, 2008: 8:30 AM-11:00 AM
Ballroom A (Pennsylvania Convention Center)

AIChE Centennial: ChE Research and Technology - Past and Future (TH)

#22 - Centennial Super-Session: Major Successes and Exciting Prospects for Research in Core ChE Areas (TH000)
Chemical engineering has a fundamental knowledge base consisting of several key areas, including thermodynamics, transport phenomena, catalysis and reaction engineering, bioengineering, and process systems engineering. While these areas have been of central importance in defining ChE in the past, they will continue to be core in the future. They will synergistically grow with developments in the chemical, biological and mathematical sciences and enabling information technologies and, thus, will expand the fundamental knowledge base for new ChE technologies. In this session the current high impact ChE research accomplishments and important new directions for future research will be presented by leaders in their respective domains. The speakers will collectively convey a picture of how chemical engineering research is evolving and what the exciting challenges are for the next 25 years.
Chair:G. V. Reklaitis
CoChair:Carol K. Hall
8:30 AMSuccess and Prospects in Thermodynamics
Peter T. Cummings
8:55 AMSuccess and Prospects in Transport
Morton Denn
9:20 AMSuccess and Prospects in Catalysis and Reaction Engineering
W. Nicholas Delgass
9:45 AMSuccess and Prospects in Process Systems
George Stephanopoulos
10:10 AMSuccess and Prospects in Bioengineering
Harvey W. Blanch

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