Friday, November 21, 2008: 8:00 AM-10:30 AM
Room 203-A (Pennsylvania Convention Center)

Transport Processes (01d)

#748 - Transport in Separations Processes (01D00)
This session will focus on fluid, heat, and mass transfer during chemical, biological or particle separations processes. Topics may include transport phenomena related to chromatography, membrane separations, ion exchange, distillation, crystallization, multiphase extraction, or other separations techniques. Theoretical, experimental, and modeling studies are encouraged.
Chair:Karsten E. Thompson
CoChair:Glenn Lipscomb
CoSponsor(s):Separations Division (02)
8:00 AMModel of Transient Hydrogen Permeation In Metal and Metal Composite Membranes
Jerry H. Meldon
8:18 AMDiffusion of Water, Ions and Amino Acids in Protein Crystals: A Molecular Simulation Study
Zhongqiao Hu, Jianwen Jiang
8:36 AMSteric Mode Separation of Nanotubes Using Electric Field, Field-Flow Fractionation
Frederick R. Phelan Jr., Barry J. Bauer
8:54 AMAC Dielectrophoretic Filtration of Suspended Particles
Boris Khusid, Yueyang Shen
9:12 AMThe Effect of Oscillatory Flows on the Mass Transfer and Separation of Gas Species In Wavy-Walled Tubes
Aaron M. Thomas, Gatwech Thich
9:30 AMSpecies Separation Via Boundary-Induced Pulsatile Flow In Annular Geometries
Sebastian Chialvo, Ranga Narayanan
9:48 AMPermeability Calculations In Three-Dimensional Fiber Networks with Varying Degrees of Orientation
Triantafyllos Stylianopoulos, Andrew Yeckel, Jeffrey J. Derby, Xiao-Juan Luo, Mark Shephard, Victor H. Barocas
10:06 AMHigh-Resolution Modeling of Flow in Packed Beds and Fibrous Materials from CT Images
Nathan M. Lane, Karsten E. Thompson, Pradeep Bhattad, Clinton S. Willson

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