Wednesday, November 19, 2008: 3:15 PM-5:45 PM
Howe Room (Loews Philadelphia Hotel)

Environmental Division (09)

#551 - Novel Membranes and Processes for Water Treatment and Purification (09020)
Novel Membranes and Processes for Water Treatment and Purification
Chair:Yoram Cohen
CoChair:Myung-man Kim
CoSponsor(s):Separations Division (02)
3:15 PMAccelerated Demineralization of Reverse Osmosis Concentrate of High Gypsum Scaling Propensity
Anditya Rahardianto, Brian C. McCool, Yoram Cohen
3:40 PMDevelopment and Optimization of a Highly Effective and Low Energy Intensive Electro-Disinfection System for Ballast Water Treatment
K.G.Nadeeshani Nanayakkara, Yu-Ming Zheng, J. Paul Chen
4:05 PMTreatment of Reverse Osmosis Concentrate to Improve Overall Recovery: The Effect of Prior Antiscalant Oxidation on Particle Characteristics and the Extent of Precipitation
Lauren F. Greenlee, Elise Barbot, Benny D. Freeman, Benoit Marrot, Philippe Moulin, Desmond F. Lawler
4:30 PMA Hybrid Membrane-Biofilm Process for Concurrent Nitrification and Dentrification
Leon Downing, Robert Nerenberg
4:55 PMRemoval of Arsenate Ions from Water Using Micellar Enhanced Ultrafiltration
Miklós Szidarovszky, Kyle Heckel, A. Eduardo Sáez, Wendell Ela
5:20 PMCrossflow Nanofiltration (NF) of Silica Nano-Particles and Natural Organic Matter (NOM): Fouling, Transport and Interaction Effects
James (Chip) Kilduff, Yanxiao Yuan

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