Monday, November 17, 2008: 12:30 PM-3:00 PM
Exhibit Hall A (Pennsylvania Convention Center)

Student Chapters Committee Liaison (04i)

#119 - Student Poster Session: Materials Engineering & Sciences (04I09)
One of nine segmented student poster sessions.
Chair:Salma Saddawi
CoChair:Christopher Williams
Size and Shape Control of Polyaniline Nanoparticles
Peter J. Beltramo, Henry D. Tran, Richard B. Kaner
Examining Integration Techniques Using Living Yeast Cells into Self-Assembled Nanostructures
Cynthia Douthit, Eric Carnes, Carlee Ashley, DeAnna Lopez, Shelly Karlin, C. Jeffery Brinker
The Application of Nondestructive Measurements to Improve the Characterization of Infrastructure Materials
Leemary Berrios, Charles A. Weiss Jr., Richard W. Haskins
Bio-Inspired Assembly of Au Nanorods
GaEun Joung, Manish Sethi, Marc Knecht
Design and Characterization of Peptide-Calcite Biomineralization Systems
Elizabeth A. Specht, Sarah Schrier, David L. Masica, Jeffrey J. Gray
Mechanical Properties of ZnO/Al2O3 Alloy Thin Films Deposited Via Atomic Layer Deposition
Tara M. Clancy, Jacob A. Bertrand, Shih-hui Jen, Jennifer L. O'Patchen, Steven M. George
STRUCTURAL Transitions of MR Fluids in Microgravity
Eric Bennung, Paula Vasquez, Eric M. Furst
Magnetic Nanoparticles as Heating Agents for Magnetic Fluid Hyperthermia (MFH)
Yashira Zayas, Adriana P. Herrera, Carlos Rinaldi
Dispersion and Shear Alignment of Nanostructured Materials
Kyle Taylor, Virginia Davis, Dhriti Nepal, Khristine Pizarro, Shanthi Murali
Di-Isocyanate Cross-Linked Silica Aerogels with Btmsh Incorporation
Renee N. Perry, Stephanie L. Vivod, Mary Ann B. Meador
Tetherless µgripper for Tissue Biopsy
Timothy Leong, Christina Randall, Bryan Benson, Aasiyeh Zarafshar, David H. Gracias
Ion-Pair Assisted Self-Assembly at the Solid-Liquid Interface
Gloria Olivier, Jonathan Brian Gilbert, Joelle Frechette
Polyanhydride – Doxorubicin Conjugate Particles as a Controlled Release Formulation for Chemotherapy
Nisarg J. Shah, Benjamin C. Tang, Jie Fu, Justin S. Hanes
Redox Stability and Conductivity of Nb Doped SrTiO3 for SOFC Anodes
Michael A. Deighan, Addison Z. Yee, Michael D. Gross
Detecting DNA Hybridization with Liquid Crystals
Kevin Daly, Stephanie Malone, Daniel K. Schwartz
Polyimide-Carbon Fiber Composites for Future Hypersonic Vehicles and Thermal Protection
Adam A. Spriggs, Andrea D. Ilg, Danielle M. Fitch, Jaime C. Grunlan
Growth of Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes on Carbon Fabric
Philippe A. Lacasse, Kirstin Kepple, Graham Sanborn, K.M. Gruenberg, W. Jud Ready
Generation of Oxide Nanoparticles for Elastomeric Nanocomposites
Norma J. Wells, Timothy L. Ward, Timothy J. Boyle
Electric Arc Production of Nanoparticles for Energetic Materials
Daniel Tappmeyer, Shubhra Gangopadhyay, Keshab Gangopadhyay, Rajagopalan Thiruvengadathan, Andrey Bezmelnitsyn, Steven Apperson, Nicholas Newport
Detection of Toxic Industrial Compounds and Chemical Warfare Agent Simulants in Commercial Bottles
Deborah E. Nieves Mercado, William Ortiz Rivera, Leonardo Pacheco Londoño, Michael Ramirez, Orlando Ruiz, Samuel P. Hernandez
Development of Transparent, Flexible, Superoleophobic Materials
Amy Tsui, Wonjae Choi, Anish Tuteja, Robert E. Cohen, Gareth H. McKinley
Rheology of Bulk Molding Compounds
Samantha R. Miranda, Francis A. Gadala-Maria
Effect of Mixing of Nanoparticle Agglomerates on Density
Mark Panczyk, Daniel To, Sameer Dalvi, Rajesh Davé, Sankaran Sundaresan
Synthesis and Characterization of Dextran Coated Mn/Zn-Ferrite Nanoparticles for Cancer Treatment
Angel D. Cortes, Magda Latorre, Carlos Rinaldi
Preparation and Testing of Carbon Nanotube Composites by Various Methods
Maxx Capece, Daniel To, Rajesh Dave
Solid-State Fabrication and Characterization of Polymer-Graphite Nanocomposites
Paul J. Hubert, Katsuyuki Wakabayashi
Structural and Electronic Properties of Poly-Bithiophene Linked Transition Metals for Catalysis
Santosh Koirala, Perla B. Balbuena
Computational Studies of Detachment of Oxidized Pt from Pt Clusters
Birendra Adhikari, Perla Balbuena
Cryogenic Milling of Classical Polymer Nanocomposites: Polypropylene-Clay and Polypropylene-Carbon Nanotube Hybrids
Edwin B. Gienger IV, Austin K. Murata, Paul J. Hubert, Katsuyuki Wakabayashi
Elasticity of Polyelectrolyte Nanomembranes: Effects of Solvent Ionic Strength, Molecular Weight, and Thickness
Ashley D. Cramer, James K. Ferri
Manganese Ferrite Nanoparticles: a Probe for Hyperthermia-Triggered Drug Release
Ynhi Thai, Dong-Hyun Kim, Christopher S. Brazel, John Melnyczuk
Polymer Nanocomposite Films
Angelica Sanchez, Dr. Xiaoming Chen, Dr. Harry Ploehn
Three-Dimensionally Ordered Magnetic Nanocrystal/Silica Composite Thin Films Synthesized Via Sol–Gel Self-Assembly
Samantha Schmitt
Ion Exchange for the Denitrification of Zeolite Cancrinite
Ashleen M. Rivera-Velez, Pablo Duarte-Ulloa, Maria Martinez-IÑesta
Materials of Controlled Shape and Stiffness with Photocurable Microfluidic Endoskeleton
Suk Tai Chang, Ahmet Burak Ucar, Robert O. Bradley, Garrett Swindlehurst, Orlin D. Velev
Dependence of Gold Colloid Size on Citrate Concentration in the Synthesis for SERS Applications
Xiomary Cuebas, William Ortiz-Rivera, Samuel P. Hernandez-RIvera
Magnetic Nanoparticles for Combination Cancer Therapy: Synthesis and Characterization of Flow Behavior in Simulated Blood Vessels
Lauren M. Blue, Mary Kathryn Sewell, Dong-Hyun Kim, Christopher S. Brazel
Analysis of Magnetic Field Effects on Generating Heat in Nanoparticle Solutions for the Development of a Hyperthermia-Based Cancer Therapy System
Johnathan M. Harris, Christopher S. Brazel
Methacrlyate-Thiol-Ene Systems as Dental Restoration Materials
Robert J. Wydra, Christopher N. Bowman, Neil Cramer
Effective Diffusion of Polystyrene Film and EPS Foam
Jordan K. Dunne, Pravin Kannan, Joseph J. Biernacki, Donald P. Visco
Polymer-Based Trinitrotoluene Sensor Using Initiated Chemical Vapor Deposition
Lucas D. McIntosh
Synthesis and Characterization of Vsb-5 Nanostructures for Template Application
Giselle M. Soto-Gil
Chemical Vapor Deposition of Aluminum Oxide Thin Films Using Dimethylaluminum Isopropoxide as a Single Source Precursor
William J. Sweet III, Benjamin W. Schmidt, Bridget R. Rogers
Adsorption and Segregation of Small Molecules in Polymer Thin Films
Olga Sanchez-Galofre, Erin Jablonski
Thermoporosimetry of Polyacrylamide Gels: Characterization of Pore Size
Jonathan L. Wheeler
The Study of the Phase Transfer of Gold Nanoparticles by Surface Modification
D. Brad Akers, Gregory Von White II, Christopher L. Kitchens
Metal Oxide Nanofiber and Its Application in Gas Sensing
Ashley Schempf, Wenzhao Jia, Yu Lei
The Effect of Collector Geometries on the Nanofiber Alignment
Matthew Cagnetta, Wenzhao Jia, Yu Lei
Polyhedral Oligomeric Silsesquioxane Coatings Stimulate Osteoblast Attachment to Cp-Ti
Jacob G. Dickinson, Jacob P. Lyons, Michael J. Misovich, Andre Y. Lee, Melissa J. Baumann
Photopatterned Nanoporous Polymer Monoliths as Passive Mixers to Enhance Mixing Efficiency for on-Chip Labeling Reaction
Thomas Schwei
Determining Applicability of Known Material Equations to Biomaterial Models and Basic Characterization of Blood Vessel Performance
Kevin P. Timms, Robert J. Wilkens
Effect of Diameter on Band Pattern Formation of Silica Nanoparticles by Convective Assembly
Kayla L. Reibel, Alex Lee, Michael Tsapatsis
Characterization of the Nafion Fuel Cell Membrane Via Observation of Surface Wetting Properties
Sharonmoyee Goswami, Shannon Klaus, Jay B. Benziger
Formation of Magnetite Clusters Using a Confined Impinging Jet Mixer
Holly L. Sewell, Raquel Mejia-Ariza, Will Miles, Jonathan Goff, Richey M. Davis, Judy S. Riffle

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