Monday, November 17, 2008: 12:30 PM-3:00 PM
Exhibit Hall A (Pennsylvania Convention Center)

Student Chapters Committee Liaison (04i)

#117 - Student Poster Session: Fuels, Petrochemicals & Energy (04I07)
One of nine segmented student poster sessions.
Chair:Salma Saddawi
CoChair:Christopher Williams
Non Bacterial SYNTHESIS of Biofuel from Cellulose
Praveen Kumar Gorakavi, venkata Basava Rao V, Sailu Ch, Laxminarayana P
Effect of Calcium and Sodium Deposition on a Pemfc
Steven Mouton
Techniques to Improve the Use of Biomass Fuels Used to Provide Heating to the Facilities at the Natchez Trace Greenhouses
Derek J. Rice, Mark Bricka, Monty Singletary
A Hand-Held Solar Cell Inspired by Nature
Frederick Hijazi
Reformer Design for Autothermal Reforming of Iso-Octane to Generate Hydrogen for Fuel Cell Applications
Robert Herring, Srinivas Palanki, Jagdish C. Dhawan
Structure Change of Coals after Solvent Treatment
Michael C. McClure, Benson B. Gathitu, Wei-Yin Chen
Nanostructured Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Anodes
Yannick C. Kimmel, Steven McIntosh
Geothermal-Solar Hybrid for Continuous Steam Generation in Cerro Prieto, Mx
Nayla R. Bezares, Chad R. Augustine, Jefferson W. Tester
Microalgae Derived C10+ Biofuels
Lynnette M. Cubero, Liliana Martinez
Photovoltaic Panels for the Cultivation of Microalgae
Marelis Benitez, Jose A. Colucci, Lynnette M. Cubero
Optimization of Synthesis Gas Cleanup and CO2 Sequestration Processes in the Igcc Plant
Steven A. Alvarez, David Couling, Kshitij Prakash, William H. Green
Effect of Biomass Composition on Products Yield Speciation in Fast Pyrolysis
Joel Hernández-Cintrón, Pushkaraj R. Patwardhan, Justinus A. Satrio, Brent H. Shanks, R. C. Brown
Effects of Flue Gas Recycle on Residence Time Distribution and NO Reduction
Damon Webster, Wei-Yen Chen, Shaolong Wan
Nilsa M. Serrano, Jose A. Colucci, Gobin Nadathur
Operation and Characerization of a Cold Flow Model Circulating Fluidized Bed Gasifier
John A. Blakely, Richard D. Lusk, R. Mark Bricka
Cellulosic Ethanol
Tafadzwa Munezvenyu, Javad Tavakoli
Development of a Self-Consistent Database of Thermodynamic Properties of Sulfuric Acid and Hydrogen Iodide in a Wide Range of Composition, Temperature and Pressure
Eugene Choi, George M. Bollas, Paul I. Barton
The Impact of Electrolyte Degradation on Lithium Ion Battery Performance
Daniel Fink, Pratyay Basak, John B. Kerr
On the Mechanism of NaBH4 Hydrolysis: Raman Spectra of Solid Species
Hilary S. Marsh, Amy M. Beaird, Michael A. Matthews, Christopher T. Williams, Eyma Y. Marrero-Alfonso
Optimization of the Fuel Cell Interface by Controlled Deposition of Catalyst and Ionomer
Remington E. Fischer, Christopher J. Faulkner, G. Kane Jennings
Microalgae Commercial Status
Migdalia Hidalgo, Migcadeliz Oliveras, Jose A. Colucci, Liliana Martinez, Miriam Fontalvo, Govind S. Nadathur
Effect of 1,3-Dimethyl-2-Imidazolidinone in Lipid Production of Rhodotorula Glutinis
Francis M. Correa-Negrón, Todd French, Rafael Hernandez

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