Saturday, November 15, 2008: 1:00 PM-4:00 PM
Salon D (Marriott Philadelphia Downtown)

Student Chapters Committee Liaison (04i)

#2 - National Student Paper Contest (04I01)
This session includes winning student papers from each of the nine regional paper competitions held earlier this year. Papers will be presented to a panel of five judges who will select the top three papers which will be awarded cash prizes sponsored by Omega Chi Epsilon.
Chair:Douglas K. Ludlow
CoChair:William G. Pitt
1:00 PMWelcoming Remarks
1:05 PMA Method for the Consistent Creation and Quantitative Testing of Postoperative Pelvic Adhesions in a Porcine Model
Maureen E. Cheung, Bradford Fenton, M Michelle Evancho-Chapman, Mark Kovacik, Don Noe, Nicholas Ree, James Fanning, Stephanie T. Lopina
1:20 PMBandage Contact Lenses for Anti-Inflammatory Therapeutics
Jeney Zhang, Mark E. Byrne
1:35 PMDesigning Scaffolds with Optimal Chemical and Physical Properties for Tissue Engineering
Courteney Cannon, Anna Gromadzka
1:50 PMImprovement of Fiber-Reinforced Composites
Danny E. Kress
2:05 PMPreliminary Design and Cost Analysis of a Distillation Column for Separation of Methanol, Water and a High Boiling Point Inorganic Acid
Nicole L. Felgenhauer, Robert R. Thompson, Mani Firouzain, Sawinder Singh
2:20 PMBreak
2:30 PMRemoval of Parathyroid Hormone by Immunospecific Adsorption during Kidney Dialysis
Shu Xia, Nichole Y. Hodge, Melvin Laski, Theodore F. Wiesner
2:45 PMSeed-Mediated Growth of Platinum Nanoparticles Via Green Chemical Reduction of Platinum Salts
Tyler M. Gunn
3:00 PMSynthetic Routes to Photoactive Nanostructured Hydrogels
Alexander Thomas Leonard, Travis S. Bailey
3:15 PMVapor Deposited Polymer Coatings for Implantable Neuroprosthetic Devices
Kyle D. Stephens

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