Tuesday, November 18, 2008: 3:15 PM-5:45 PM
Franklin 7 (Marriott Philadelphia Downtown)

Education (04)

#334 - Broader Impacts: Integrating Faculty Research into the Classroom (04004)
NSF funding specifically requires addressing issues of Broader Impacts. One area for this is how the information gleaned during the sponsored research is integrated back into the classroom. This session invites faculty who have been successful at this particular activity, especially so at the undergraduate level.
Chair:Adrienne R. Minerick
CoChair:Geoffrey D. Bothun
CoSponsor(s):Topical 6: AIChE Centennial: Chemical Engineering Education: Past and Future (T6)
3:15 PMDoes Faculty Research Improve Undergraduate Teaching?
Michael J. Prince, Richard M. Felder, Rebecca Brent
3:50 PMDesign Course for Micropower Generation Devices
Alexander Mitsos
4:13 PMUnits of Chemical Engineering Operations
Subbarao Duvvuri, Hilmi Mukhtar
4:36 PMFrom Cold Cataracts to An Undergraduate Laboratory
Daniel Forciniti
4:59 PMIntegrating Pharmaceutical Engineering Research in Graduate, Undergraduate, and Pre-College Educational Activities
Piero M. Armenante, Henrik Pedersen
5:22 PMIncorporating Microdevice Research into a Split-Level Elective Course for Undergraduate and Graduate Students
Adrienne R. Minerick

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