Thursday, November 20, 2008: 12:30 PM-3:00 PM
Room 103-A (Pennsylvania Convention Center)

Environmental Division (09)

#637 - Climate Change Legislation, Litigation, Regulation, and Tracking Carbon Emission Reductions (09010)
This session will provide a review and update on the state, national and international legal and regulatory developments regarding greenhouse gas emission voluntary reduction and mandatory control programs. Specifically, this session will review the current and potential future Climate Change Legislation Landscape, including the structure of possible carbon constraints and implementation strategies, in addition to related issues including state and regional program preemption, EPA’s regulation of CO2 under various provisions of the Clean Air Act, and also current international greenhouse gas emission mandates impacting US companies doing business overseas.
Chair:Mary Ellen Ternes
CoChair:Kurt Rindfusz
12:30 PMClimate Change Legislation and Litigation Update
Mary Ellen Ternes
1:05 PMClimate Change Under the Clean Air Act
Robert B. McKinstry Jr.
1:40 PMGreenhouse Gas Cap and Trade Programs: Moving Forward
Michael E. Heintz
2:15 PMCalculation of Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Mike Bradford, Lan Cheah, Bill Keesom

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