Monday, November 17, 2008: 3:15 PM-5:45 PM
Room 202-B (Pennsylvania Convention Center)

Ceramics (08d)

#169 - Novel Catalytic Materials (08D03)
Papers in this session will describe advances in the synthesis, characterization, and properties of materials for catalytic applications.
Chair:Vadim V. Guliants
CoChair:Michael S. Wong
3:15 PMNovel Catalysts for Selective Oxidation of Lower Alkanes
Prakash Biswas, Jungwon Woo, Vadim V. Guliants
3:35 PMTailoring CO Bond Energies Via Compositional Tailoring in Bimetallic Nanocatalysts
Anmin Cao, Götz Veser
3:55 PMSurfactant-Templated Synthesis and Catalytic Properties of Ordered Nanoporous Titania Supports Loaded with Platinum Nanoparticles
Arijit Bose, Jayashri Sarkar, Christopher J. Brooks, Vijay T. John, G. Ramanath
4:15 PMA Comparison of Mesopore Templating Methods for Ceria-Zirconia-Yttria Catalysts
Prince Anyaba, Paul T. Fanson, Monica Javornik, David Bruce
4:35 PMSynthesis and Characterization of Novel Hierarchically Structured Aluminosilicate Catalysts
Sikander H. Hakim, Brent H. Shanks
4:55 PMSynthesis of Hierarchical Pore Zsm-5 on Silica Gel and Its Catalytic Performance for Fcc Reaction
Hui Feng, Xiaoyin Chen, Johannes W. Schwank
5:15 PMPreparation of Magnetic Hollow Zsm-5/Ni Composite Spheres and Fibers
Lixiong Zhang, Jianfeng Yao, Xiaohua Lu

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