Thursday, November 20, 2008: 6:00 PM-8:30 PM
Exhibit Hall A (Pennsylvania Convention Center)

Environmental Division (09)

#718 - Poster Session: Advances in Environmental Technology (09004)
Poster Session: Advances in Environmental Technology
Chair:Nick D. Hutson
CoChair:David R. Shonnard
N2O Production by Fungal Denitrification in a Semiarid Soil
Lin Yang, Vallejo Antonio, Yulin Deng
Application of Fe-Pd Nanoparticles for Chloro-Organic Degradation
Abhijit Patil, D. Bhattacharyya
Catalytic Wet Peroxide Oxidation of Phenol : H2O2 Gradual Addition Study
Asghar Molaei Dehkordi, Amir Ali Ebrahimi, Seyedehmansoureh Shahalami
Catalytic Activities of Transition Metal Oxides for Plasma PM Removal
Shin Yamamoto, Shuiliang Yao, Satoshi Kodama, Chieko Mine, Yuichi Fujioka
Recovering Magnetic Powder from Sludge Discharged during Magnetic Separation of Oily Wastewater at Oil Production Sites
Tadashi Sano, Hisashi Isogami, Akira Mochizuki, Norihide Saho
Mechanism of the Diesel PM Removal by Dielectric Barrier Discharges
Satoshi Kodama, Shuiliang Yao, Shin Yamamoto, Chieko Mine, Yuichi Fujioka
Human Urine Utilization : a Waste Management Strategy
Oluyemi Olasoji Adetule, Olufunke Helen Moreyibi, Ayoteju Adetutu Ogun, Tolulope Adewole Odeshi
Biodegradation of Refinery Wastewater Using O. Intermedium
Aditi Banerjee, Aloke Kumar Ghoshal
Decomposition of 2-Chlorophenol In Supercritical Water Oxidation Using Anticorrosive Continuous Reactor
Jae-Hyuk Lee, Tran Tan Viet, Chang-Ha Lee
Modeling and Design of Fluidized Bed Reactors for Biological Denitrification of Reverse Osmosis Brine Concentrates
Ilknur Ersever, Huan-Hao Tsai, Varadarajan Ravindran, Massoud Pirbazari
Diversity and In Situ Quantification of Tributyltin-Degrading/resistant Bacteria Under Different Cultivating Conditions
Young Haeng Lee, Soohyun Park, Yongsu Choi, Hee-Deung Park
Characterization of Multilayer Ceramic Cake Filtration System: Collection Efficiency, the Porosity, and the Pressure Drop
Hern Kim, In-Seob Lee
Analysis and Retrofit Design of Wastewater Treatment Facilities Using Process Simulation Tools
Victor Papavasileiou, Charles Siletti, Demetri Petrides
Chemical Speciation of Heavy Metals in Ground and Surface Waters
H. S. Hundal, Kuldip Singh, Dhanwinder Singh
Absorption of CO2 on CaSiO3
Minghua Wang, Choong-Gon Lee, Chong-Kul Ryu
Modeling of a Closed-Loop Heat Pump Dryer for Cabin Solid Waste on Long-Duration Space Missions
J.M.R. Apollo Arquiza, Jean Hunter, Robert Morrow, Ross Remiker
Dynamic Optimization Approaches for the Determination of Bottom-up and Top-Down Control in Lakes and Reservoirs
Vanina Estrada, Elisa Parodi, Maria Soledad Diaz
Fractional Uptake Efficiency of Ozone In Human Subjects
Tim Brenza, James Ultman
Consideration of Toxicological Aspects in the Development of Lubricants Based on Synthetic Esters
Bibiane Erlenkaemper, Wolfgang Dott, Marcel A. Liauw, Sven Eichholz, Adolf Eisentraeger
Formulation of Microbial Consortium for Btex Biodegradation
Karthiga Nagarajan, Kai-Chee Loh

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