Wednesday, November 19, 2008: 8:30 AM-11:00 AM
Room 102-B (Pennsylvania Convention Center)

Catalysis and Reaction Engineering Division (20)

#442 - Science and Engineering of Catalyst Preparation I (20055)
Heterogeneous catalyst preparation is often viewed as more of an art than as a rational route to the synthesis of materials with chosen properties. This session seeks contributions on developing engineering rules for catalyst synthesis and contributions on understanding the fundamental science behind the preparation of heterogeneous catalysts. Relevant catalyst systems potentially include supported metal catalysts, supported and bulk catalytic oxide structures, and hybrid organic-inorganic systems.
Chair:John R. Regalbuto
CoChair:Justin M. Notestein
8:30 AMSynthesis and Characterization of Au-Pd/SiO2 Catalysts Prepared by Electroless Deposition Methods
Jayakiran Rebelli, Joseph H. Montoya, Christopher T. Williams, John R. Monnier
8:55 AMDendrimer-Derived Bimetallic Ir-Based/γ-Al2O3 Catalysts for Liquid-Phase Hydrogenation Reactions
Yaritza M. López-De Jesús, Aurélie Vicente, John R. Monnier, Gwendoline Lafaye, Patrice Marécot, Christopher T. Williams
9:20 AMPre-Synthesized Nanoparticles Are Not Always Catalytically Active: Importance of Pretreatment for the Removal of Stabilizing Polymer Monolayers and Growth-Control Additives
Robert Rioux, Michael E. Grass, Peidong Yang, Gabor A. Somorjai
9:45 AMReverse Micelle Synthesis of Bimetallic Catalysts
Elizabeth D'Addio, Joseph C. Dellamorte, Rohit Vijay, Mark Barteau, Jochen Lauterbach
10:10 AMPreparation of Supported Nanoparticle Catalysts. A Molecularly-Engineered Route Based on Synthesis, Assembly and Activation
Chuan-Jian Zhong, Jin Luo, Peter Njoki, Birgid Wanjala, Zhichuan Xu, Rameshwori Loukrakpam, Derrick Mott, Stephanie Lim, Lingyan Wang
10:35 AMEffect of Synthesis Variables and Development of Nickel Dispersion In Ni/czo Autothermal Reforming Catalysts Prepared by Incipient Wetness
Andrew R. Tadd, Johannes W. Schwank

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