Wednesday, November 19, 2008: 12:30 PM-3:00 PM
Salon B (Marriott Philadelphia Downtown)

Environmental Division (09)

#454 - Advanced Oxidation and Reduction Processes for Environmental Applications II - Liquid/gas Phase (09002)
The goal of this venue is to present basic and applied research contributions in the areas of oxidation and reduction for the environmental industry. Papers which address cutting edge technology slated for the fossil, renewable, nuclear energy industries are encouraged. Particular focus for this session will be on gas phase oxidation and reduction reactions.
Chair:Robert W. Peters
Cochairs:T. Bond Calloway
George S. Goff
CoSponsor(s):Nuclear Engineering Division (14)
12:30 PMRenewable Energy Technologies: Corona Discharges in Water Contaminated with Oil Spillage
Chinyere P., Mbachu
12:48 PMOptimization of the Ultrasonic Cavitation-Induced Removal of Nitric Oxide from Flue Gases Using Taguchi Statistical Experimental Design Methodology
Yusuf G. Adewuyi, Nymul E. Khan, Naresh N. Mahamuni
1:06 PMModeling the Ultrasonic Cavitation-Enhanced Removal of Nitric Oxide from Flue Gases In a Bubble Column Reactor
Nymul E. Khan, Yusuf G. Adewuyi
1:24 PMFalling Film UV-Reactor for off Gas Purification
Christoph Gruber, Matthäus Siebenhofer
1:42 PMStudies on the Decontamination of Surfaces Exposed to Cytotoxic Drugs
Marek Kuzma, Jaroslav Cerveny, Petr Kacer, Jiri Svrcek, Kamila Syslova, Libor Cerveny, Libor Panek
2:00 PMHydrolysis Enhancement of Swine Wastewater by Ultrasonication
Seungmin Na, Sun-Mee Kim, Young Haeng Lee
2:18 PMReductive Dehalogenation of Trichloroethylene Using Aerosol-Assisted Fe/silica Nanoparticles
Gerhard Piringer, Jingjing Zhan, Yunfeng Lu, Vijay T. John, Gary L. McPherson
2:36 PMRemoval of Orange II Dye from Wastewater by Catalytic Wet Air Oxidation-Catalyst Selection and Reaction Kinetics
Pinar Ozdural, Jale F. Akyurtlu, Mujde Erten-Unal, Vidya Sagar Guggilla, Ates Akyurtlu

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