Wednesday, November 19, 2008: 8:30 AM-11:00 AM
Salon B (Marriott Philadelphia Downtown)

Environmental Division (09)

#390 - Advanced Oxidation and Reduction Processes for Environmental Applications I -Liquid Phase (09001)
The goal of this venue is to present basic and applied research contributions in the areas of oxidation and reduction for the environmental industry. Papers which address cutting edge technology slated for the fossil, renewable, nuclear energy industries are encouraged. Particular focus for this session will be on liquid phase oxidation and reduction reactions.
Chair:T. Bond Calloway
Cochairs:Robert W. Peters
George S. Goff
CoSponsor(s):Nuclear Engineering Division (14)
8:30 AMPhotochemical and Electrochemical Advanced Oxidation Processes
Christoph Hoislbauer, Matthäus Siebenhofer
8:46 AMAdvanced Oxidation Processes for Destruction of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals In Water Treatment: Kinetic Modeling and Free-Radical Reaction Mechanisms
Badri N. Badriyha, Wonho Song, Varadarajan Ravindran, Massoud Pirbazari
9:02 AMAssessment of Bisphenol a Degradation Using Advanced Oxidation Process
Luisa Gomez, Joaquin Tirano, Gabriel Camargo, Victor Sarria
9:18 AMApplicability of the Fe-Assisted Photocatalytic Reactions to Dissimilar Compounds: Positive Effect of Fe Ions on Mineralization Rates of Maleic Acid, Oxalic Acid, Formic Acid, Paraquat, Phenol and 4-Chlorophenol
Aaron Ortiz Gomez, Benito Serrano, Jesus Moreira del Rio, Hugo de Lasa
9:34 AMChelate-Modified Hydroxyl Radical Reactions for Detoxification of Chlorinated Organics: Experimental Results and Model Development
Scott R. Lewis, a. Montague, Y. Li, S. Daunert, L. Bachas, D. Bhattacharyya
9:50 AMPretreatment of Primary Sludge Prior to Anaerobic Digestion
Saad Aldin, Sayed Elbeshbishy, Fuzhou Tu, George Nakhla, Madhumita Ray
10:06 AMKinetic Studies on Enhanced Mercury Adsorption in Zeolite Nay and Waste Fcc Catalyst
Juana Juyo, Joaquin Tirano, Gabriel Camargo, Liliana Giraldo, Juan Carlos Moreno-pirajan
10:22 AMSimultaneous Electrochemical Oxidation and Coagulation for the Treatment of Dye-Containing Wastewater by Using RuO2 Coated Titanium Electrode
Rita Farida Yunus, Yuming Zheng, K.G.Nadeeshani Nanayakkara, J. Paul Chen
10:38 AMPhotocatalytic Activity Assessment of TiO2 for Water Treatment: Substrate-Specificity and Its Implications
Wonyong Choi, Jungho Ryu

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