Monday, November 17, 2008: 3:15 PM-5:45 PM
414/415 (Marriott Philadelphia Downtown)

Thermodynamics and Transport Properties (01a)

#182 - Thermodynamics of Polymers I (01A18)
We invite contributions associated with the thermodynamics of polymeric systems such as solutions, blends, block and random copolymers, networks, gels, polyelectrolyte solutions, and ionomers. We accept experimental work on phase equilibria in polymers, Landau-based, statistical mechanical and field-theoretical approaches, and novel molecular simulation methodologies.
Chair:Ioannis G. Economou
CoChair:Eric Cochran
CoSponsor(s):Polymers (08a)
3:15 PMStudy of the Closed-Loop Immiscibility of Polyethylene Glycol Aqueous Solutions with the Statisitcal Associating Fluid Theory
Gary N. I. Clark, Amparo Galindo, George Jackson
3:33 PMStabilization of Complex Phases In Diblock Copolymer Systems
Francisco Martínez-Veracoechea, Fernando A. Escobedo
3:51 PMSalt Doping In PEO Containing Block Copolymers: Counterion and Concentration Effects
Thomas H. Epps III, Wen-Shuie Owen, Paul Brigandi
4:09 PMAtomistic Simulation of Poly(ethylene oxide) In Aqueous Solution: Challenges and Suggestions for Models
Hendrik Heinz
4:27 PMMeasuring and Modeling the Solubility, Diffusivity and Permeability of Carbon Dioxide in Polymers Used as Packing and Sealing Materials in Carbon Dioxide Refrigeration Plants
Nicolas von Solms, Vasu Neela, Jakob Kristensen
4:45 PMPhase Behavior of Blends Containing End-Associating Polymers
Michelle H. Wrue, Mitchell Anthamatten
5:03 PMOn Polyethylene Cable Failure, Electric Fields, Water Clusters and Ions
Erik Johansson, Peter Ahlström, Kim Bolton
5:21 PMAn iSAFT Density Functional Theory for Inhomogeneous Associating Polyatomic Molecules
Adam S. Bymaster, Shekhar Jain, Walter G. Chapman

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