Wednesday, November 19, 2008: 3:15 PM-5:45 PM
Room 204-A (Pennsylvania Convention Center)

Forest and Plant Bioproducts Division (17)

#537 - Forest Biorefinery Processes: Wood Extraction & Processing for Biofuels and Biobased Products (17001)
Forest Bio-refineries process forest resources such as wood and other lignocellulosic biomass into a spectrum of energy products and materials. Among the energy products are liquid transportation fuels such as ethanol and butanol whereas materials include biopolymers such as polyhydroxyalkanoates. Contributions are being sought that address new developments concerning the processing and engineering of such forest biorefinery processes.
Chair:Shijie Liu
CoSponsor(s):Topical 4: Sustainable Biorefineries (T4)
3:15 PMHot-Water Extraction and Forest Biorefinery
Thomas E. Amidon, Shije Liu
3:40 PMAlkaline-Urea Pretreatment to Improve the Accessibility of Enzyme in Woodchips for the Biofuel Production
Yulin Deng, Yulin Zhao
4:05 PMEnzymatic Hydrolysis of Cellulytic Fibers Enhanced by Cationic Polyelectrolytes
John Reye, Sujit Banerjee
4:30 PMChemical Analysis and Kinetics of Wood Extract Hydrolysis
Shije Liu, David Kiemle, Alan Shupe, Ruofei Hu, Yang Wang
4:55 PMProduction of Ethanol from Forest Residues
Kristina Knutson, Arthur Ragauskas, W. J. Frederick Jr., Kristiina Iisa
5:20 PMEffect of Surfactants, Flocculants and Hydrolyzing Method on Centrate Recovery from Whole Stillage in Corn Bio-Ethanol Plant
Mohammadali Safavieh, Marian Simo, Vladimir Hlavacek

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